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BL20 Plus cartridge


biogas cartridge

BL20 Plus plastic cartridges

Tariff code: 3808.59.29.410T


  • The use of BL20 PLUS ethylene oxide plastic cartridge is a very simple and practical low-temperature sterilization method for medical devices. Its use in combination with an ethylene oxide aerator allows to achieve a safety and reliable sterilización process.

    Any kind of material, previously packed, can be effectively sterilized with this method. Materials are not damaged, since this sterilization process does not use heat and/or pressure.
  • Sterilization Kit: the Sterilization Kit consists of one BL20 PLUS cartridge , one container bag, seal to tighten the bag and BIO-CHIP (humidity generator device to stabilize relative humidity).
  • Use description: the BL20 PLUS cartridge must be put into the sterilization bag together with the items to be sterilized and the BIO-CHIP. Then seal the bag. Once the bag is sealed, hold the cartridge with two hands through the closed sterilization bag and bend where
    the dot line is marked until the inner device is broken.
  • Sterilization times: the sterilization process must last (at least) 12 hours, depending on the kind of processed materials. The aeration time, following the sterilization process, will be a 24-hours period (at a minimum). The aeration time could be achieved in less time if ethylene oxide aerator is used, e.g. BIOLENE aerator (ask for more information about it).
  • Net content: 20 c.c. / 0.62 av. Oz. (17,63 gr) - Active ingredient: ethylene oxide (97%) - Inert ingredients: (3%)