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sterilizing gas ampoules

Sterilizing Gas Ampoules

Tariff code 3808.59.29.410T


This practical and simple method can be carried out anywhere, specially in areas under emergency conditions, as it does not require gas or air, installation, electrical connections or special rooms.

The sterilization kit includes one sterilizing gas ampoule (ethylene oxide + inert gases) wrapped in a diffusing membrane, one liner bag and one closure to tighten it.

With only one Biolene's sterilization kit, you can effectively sterilize every kind of material, previously packed. In this way the material is not damaged, as this sterilization system does not require heat and/or pressure.


Code Ampoule Bag
Volume % ETO Measure Capacity
BL-5 5 cm3 90 % 31 x 60 cm 11 lts
BL-20 20 cm3 97 % 59 x 92 cm 34 lts

  Air transport packaging
(units per box)
Sea transport packaging
(units per box)
Export packaging BL-5 x 60 units
BL-5 x 100 units
BL-20 x 15 units BL-20 x 25 units